The Frog Prince In Modern English (Translated)

The Frog Prince
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Sources have been cited in parenthetical references, but I have not linked them directly to their full citations which appear on the Frog King Bibliography page.

The Frog Prince In Modern English (Translated)

I have provided links back to the Annotated Frog King to facilitate referencing between the notes and the tale. I have included the Grimms' notes to the tale as translated by Margaret Hunt followed by SurLaLune's textual annotations. The Grimms' Notes For the Tale.

This comes from Hesse, where there is also another story. A King who had three daughters was ill, and asked for some water from the well in his court-yard. The eldest went down and drew a glassful, but when she held it up to the sun, she saw that it was not clear.

The Frog Prince

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She thought this very strange, and was about to empty it again, when a frog appeared in the well, stretched forth its head, and at last jumped on to the edge of it. It then said to her,. When she went back again she told her sisters about the wonderful frog which was in the well and made the water muddy. Then the second went down and drew a glassful, which was also so thick that no one could drink it. The frog again sat on the brink, and said,.

At last the third also went to draw water, but she did not succeed better, and the frog cried to her,. So she took the glass upstairs and said to her sisters, "Why were you so stupid as to be afraid of the frog? And when she had lain there a while, but had not fallen asleep, she heard a noise outside the door, and some one sang,. Hast thou forgotten what thou didst say When I sat by the well this very day, That thou wouldst my sweetheart be, If clear, clear water I gave to thee? The frog hopped after her, and at last hopped on the bottom of the bed to her feet, and stayed lying there, and when the night was over and day dawning, it leapt down and went out by the door.

The next night when the King's daughter was in bed, it again crawled to the door, and sang its little song, she again opened the door, and the frog lay for another night at her feet. On the third night it came once more; then she said, "Mind, this is the last time that I shall let thee in; in future it won't happen. And when she awoke next morning, and expected the frog to hop away again, a handsome young prince was standing before her, who said that he had been the bewitched frog, but was now set free, because she had promised to be his sweetheart.

Then they both went to the King, who gave them his blessing; a magnificent wedding was celebrated, and the two other sisters were vexed that they had not taken the frog to be their sweetheart. In a third story from the district of Paderborn, the King's son, after he has been delivered from his frog's shape, gives his betrothed, when he takes leave of her, a handkerchief, on which his name is written in red, and tells her if that should become black it will betoken that he is either dead or unfaithful. One day the princess sees, to her sorrow, that the name really has become black.

On this she and her two sisters disguise themselves as troopers, and hire themselves to him. Some people suspect them, and strew peas, 1 thinking that if they really are girls and fall, they will be afraid, but if they are men they will swear. They have, however, discovered the plot, and when they fall on the peas, they swear. After this when the King's son travels away with the false bride, the three have to ride behind the carriage. On the way, the King's son hears a loud crack, and cries, "Stop; the carriage is breaking!

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Then he remembers the true bride, recognizes her in the disguise of the trooper, and marries her. This story is one of the oldest in Germany. It was called by the name of Iron Henry , from the faithful servant who had caused his sorrowful heart to be bound with iron bands. The band of sorrow, the stone which lies on the heart, is spoken of elsewhere. An old Minnesinger says beautifully, "She is stamped on my heart as on steel;" and Heinrich von Sar Man. Wigalois , In its main features the story is still current in Scotland.

In the Complaynt of Scotland written in , the tale of the "wolf of the warldis end," which has unfortunately been entirely lost, is mentioned among other stories, perhaps the Saga of the Northern Fenrir.

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She refused, scrunching her face once more at the sight of the green creature before her. At supper, the girl was seated at the table with her father, the King. Now she had a golden ball in her hand, which washer favourite plaything; and she was always tossing it up into theair, and catching it again as it fell. Printable version of this story. Now it happened one day that the golden ball, instead of falling back into the maiden's little hand which had sent it aloft, dropped to the ground near the edge of the well and rolled in.

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For information on trade sales and other enquiries please contact us on info pookpress. As soon as it was light he jumped up, hopped downstairs, and went outof the house. But she was mistaken; for when night came again she heard the sametapping at the door; and the frog came once more, and said:.

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And the third night hedid the same. But when the princess awoke on the following morning shewas astonished to see, instead of the frog, a handsome prince, gazingon her with the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen, and standing atthe head of her bed. He told her that he had been enchanted by a spiteful fairy, who hadchanged him into a frog; and that he had been fated so to abide tillsome princess should take him out of the spring, and let him eat fromher plate, and sleep upon her bed for three nights.

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